Scanning vehicle dashboard details

I’m trying to create an insert to the center part of my dashboard and it is reflecting too much to generate any file worth working with. I’m not opposed to spraying some kind of temporary spray in the area, but I must be able it get it back off without any issues. I’ve tried different combinations of gain and other adjustments without any luck.
Any help would much be appriciated.

You need vanishing 3D spray , I recommend ATTBLIME 2h vanishing spray , safe for metals and electronics .

You can’t scan black plastics as it absorbing the scanner patterns.
Once you spray a layer with 3D spray , you will be able to scan it perfectly, just use very fine layer , not need to be white so avoid over spraying. It will be gone after 2-4h hours , just clean the surface before spraying to avoid artifacts .

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Ordered… but, whew! That’s spendy stuff.

If you ordered ATTBLIME it would cost less and last longer . And finer accuracy while scanning .

AESUB is too expensive and you need to work with it very fast , the layer is very thick 15 microns vs 3
Will last very short time too , I stopped using it .

Good you did not got Orange as it is not good for electronics .

I guess you will be able to scan what you need …but don’t over spray too much …less is better .

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Thanks. I didn’t think much about differences in manufacturers. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll look into the other brand.

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