What is a good spray to use for metal objects to scan

Ive read about dry shampoo and talc powder.
Im looking for more of spray that can be applied evenly on shinny metal to get a scan with my pop2 .
Thank you inadvance for any help.
Kind regards Evans_cnc

Search the forum. There are several discussions on this topic.

the best of the best
The blue lasts 2 hours and the orange 12 hours

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Thank you I will order some .

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Also this: https://3dscannersupply.com/products/3d-scanning-spray-6-hour-sublimation .

It is substantially less expensive than the AESub and, I think, ships from the US.

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I appreciate it thank you

I need to check this one too @JeffLindstrom , never used it before

@Evan here is the official store AESUB Scanning spray product family - all products

the other link was Canadian, but you can get is also on Amazon .