Scanning with Revopoint mini

point cloud

after meshing

already done smooth process, and the surface still “rough”

scan 002

i am satisfy with this :smiley:
mesh UHD, sharp, then do smooth
i will start for finding best value for ‘smooth’ and ‘sharp’ value

Hi! Thanks for sharing! How big is that car?

Remember, depending on surface (especially shiny, dark and various colors like yellow) you have to use some kind of matting spray (3d spray, dry shampoo spray or similar, search in the forum) otherwise MINI cannot see it (colors like yellow) or scan will be noisy to some extent.
Depending on distance to object it can even get noisy because of applied matting spray, don’t overspray it, mini is very accurate.

Also make sure mini is calibrated properly.

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Thanks for the advise
The model can is in 1/43, and yes. It it’s shiny :face_holding_back_tears:
And im going to get the spray before rescan again🥰and in the meantime, i m waiting for the Range scanner arrive too😍


more scanning with Mini on (revoscan 5 beta)
I found more reliable for scanning

all results are without turntable and freehand scanning

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