A few RANGE 3d Scans

RANGE ON KickStarter starting FEB. 2023


The unboxing :

The Scans :

First up is a turbo manifold. It is cast iron very dirty and rusty
The Range had no problems picking it up and turning out a great scan.
Took about 3 minutes to scan.
This manifold is about 1 foot long.

Next Scan i wanted to try something smooth and symmetric. So i scanned a large soap jug.
It is about 11inchs tall, 7inch wide

It scanned wonderfully even with the cap being transparent.
Overall scan was smooth and no tracking lost.
Scan time was about 2minutes to scan.

Large scale item.
I scanned my two seater couch.
It is black fabric and as you can see it scanned just fine with no spray.
I used dark mode to scan it and overall it was pretty quick and easy.


I am impressed with the excellent results of scanning the metal manifold.


Yeah I am sorta jelly. I have been scanning a manifold too but haven’t finished a watertight scan yet. Mr x1C (Inside joke) out does me again.


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