3D scanning of water surfaces

Dear all,
Can I use Revopoint to scan water features such as water falls, hydraulic jumps and breaking waves?
I appreciate your feedback.
The use will be in water related research projects
Dr M. Elgamal

There are two problems with your project goals:

  1. The current firmware controlling the Revopoint scanners tries to integrate successive scan fields into a total, cohesive 3D model. It would have to be significantly changed in order to perform motion capture and the results would not be very good due to the limited resolution of the scan field.
  2. The scanning technology used by the Revopoint scanners will not work with anything transparent (water, glass, etc.). Even if you could add something to water that would allow its shape to be scanned, you would still have the problem of not being able to capture moving objects.
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Many thanks for your prompt reply.
However, I would like to make a point clear that the research study is focused on studying the steady state of some water features which means the water depths and water surface could be considered as stationary. Does this help in making your technology working in our research project?

Even steady the water remains transparent and as such can not be scanned. :confused:

Sorry to inform you but you can’t use it in your research .

The scanner is 3D structured light scanner , it needs very steady and solid models to be scanned . It uses Infrared Light and any form of water, liquid or solid is not the proper candidate, this scanners also do not scan motion movements so completely not usable in your research .