3D Connexion Space Mouse Support

Can you add support for 3D connexion space mouse in both Revo Scan and Studio? It is much faster to manipulate the view of scanned models compared to mouse movements.


I would also like this functionality.


Any serious cad user cannot be without the 3D Connexion space mouse, these are a serious tool for saving time. Mine gets used daily.

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Agree. I’d like the support for the space mouse.

Got mine less than a month ago and i love it. Wish i’d have gotten it sooner.

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Ho yes please 3d connexion support :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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Yes, please!! All 3D software should support it!

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3D connexion space mouse in both Revo Scan and Studio will be very usefull.

Yes, please add support for the 3D connexion Space Mouse

Pretty much a standard for 3D

Yes, please! Make things much quicker and easier…

Thanks for your suggestion. We’ve forwarded it to our R&D team.

This. Pretty basic stuff.