Need 3Dconnexion mouse integration


after some test, I will post today some scans,
But something missing for me in Handy Scan and more importantly in Handy Studio :
I own a 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Enterprise, and they not work at all with your softwares .
I know the mouse are more expensive than the scanner, but it’s a must have tool to manage easely the 3D models in 3D softwares.

What help can I provide to help you to integrate this feature ?



I second that. I hate 3D programs that don’t support the six axis 3Dconnexion mice. All they let you do is zoom in or out but not move in the 3D Space

+1. 3dconnexion is awesome.

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Agree, but I’d rather they improve other aspects before :wink: (better automated adaptative workflow, multiple point cloud merge as you mentioned…) but 3D Mouse is great in any 3D viewer,
makes life simpler.
And for normal mice users (as will often be the case) zooming with scroll should home in on mouse cursor, much faster when exploring.


Using a space mouse definitely makes work a lot easier - if only because you can act with both hands at the same time. I always explain this using the example of using the keyboard with just one hand. And also the freely programmable keys (I prefer the “Enterprise”).
It’s just a pro tool.
Programming can’t be that difficult, works in many free viewers and also with Excel …

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Hi Zoltan,

Thanks for your suggestion. I had recorded it and will discuss with team.