6 Axis navigation in programs

I have not seen this brought up yet, but I might have missed it, are there any plans to support 6 axis navigation/manipulation in RevoScan or studio such as that provided by 3Dconnexion devices like the SpaceMouse and CadMouse?
Currently the supported movement is limited to zooming in and out.

You have zoom in zoom out , rotation in any direction and drag the model in space in any direction away from the center .

What else is needed here with a single model ?

Strictly speaking it is not needed. I cant speak for anyone else on here but I use a spacemouse when working in modeling programs, after you use it for a while it becomes more natural feeling than standard click and drag navigation.

Some of the scans Im working on to showcase are of complex figurines that have overhangs or overlapping sections that can make manipulating the camera around to confirm good coverage by the point cloud tedious using click and drag navigation.
It is not a feature that needs support, just one that would be nice.

You said that only zoom in an out was there , for that reason my answer. of course it would be nice for many to have this options. Personally using pen and touch on screen for modeling and navigations

Sorry if that did not come across clearly, using my normal mouse I have the normal functionality, click and drag to rotate and pan.

Using only my SpaceMouse Pro with the latest drivers, enabling all axis in 3Dxware (its control program), I am only able to zoom in and out.

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I would like to add my voice to yours - Iā€™m a long term user of a 3DConnexion 3D mouse, and navigating by click and drag is perfectly possible, but feels archaic now. I would really love this to be possible in all CAD packages if possible!