10 foot USB 3.0 cable?

Tried to use a 10 foot USB 3.0 extension cable with the POP2 and the device is not found.

Does anyone know a cable which does work with the POP2?

I am completing my build of the “DIY Slider” and need an extension cable.

Hi Gerald I am using 20 ft USB 3.0 extension and it works without issues with my POP2 , However I am using this extension with my single POP USB C cable , I have a small adapter C to A , I also use the mobile connector sometimes , the extension goes to the A for power and another extension goes to C for the data .
here is my cable , I use the black 20ft from this product page.

However it may be not the cable issue but the USB power , try to connect the extension USB3 using the mobile connector , then connect the second USBC to your smartphone , and check if your cable provide enough power to powering the POP2 on the long distance.

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Operator error on my part, apparently the Micro-B to USB A and USB C does not have data on the USB A

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When you use the Mobile connector with extension cable the USB A is only for the power source where the USB C is only for data . So what you need is extension cable USB C female to USB A male to plug it to your computer , and USB A female to USB A male extension cable for the power.

I scanned yesterday the whole body using just 1 cable extension USB C female to USB A male , power and data was on one cable . But I avoid to do that as I am getting better results and tracking when the power is supplied with a second cable using the mobile connector .

So you recommend a 10 foot USB C to USB A in addition to the USB A to A that I already have?

How would I measure a different from just using one cable? I am using a cable chain to manage the cables, so I don’t want to add additional cables, unless I need to…

Ok Let me check the extension of USB A female to USB A male as I have it as well , assuming you use just 1 cable to connect POP2 to your PC

OK I checked to extension USB A female to USB A male with the USB A male connected to POP2, I got error , the USB is malfunctioning , the POP2 is on but the PC doesn’t recognize it , beside power no data flows.
That why I prefer to use the USB C cable connected to Pop2 and small adapter C to A and then the extension as you have .
Or extension cable with USB C female to USB A male without adapter.

Since you have already your extension cable setup , why not use small adapter C to A and use the USBC cable to connect to POP2 . You will get better flow of both power and data
for some reason the single USB C that came with the POP2 is so much better.

I am using this adapter ( I got it once for my older Samsung phone ) but works perfect

Nice setup BTW ! can’t wait to see it in action !

I tried the 10ft USB extension plugged into the Micro B to USB A that came with the POP2 yesterday and it was working. I will test some more…

If it works for you then use is , for me Micro B to USB A does not works , even my professional expensive Micro B to USB A data cable failed with POP2 , so for me the best so far was the included Micro B to USB C plus the extension cable .

However as I mentioned before using the mobile connector with 2 extensions cables for separate power and data are the best in any situation . But that is my personal opinion , you do best what is good for you afterwards.

Good luck with the setup!

I have used this powered USB extension in the past for long distance USB connections, but haven’t tried it with the Revo device yet.

I use this cable which works perfectly for me.

deleyCON 5m USB 3.0 Extension Cable Active Repeater Included with 5 GBit/s Signal Amplification USB-A Male to USB-A Female - Black

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