X3msnake - Mini Showcase

Small part reverse engineering for repair

Part is from a set up collar of a umbrella by casualfs, the original part from a second umbrella was lost and needs to be reproduced since it is only sold as a full setup collar assembly ZL200320109058.7

Scan was done on a manual turntable over crumpled paper for perfect feature tracking, scan was done in 2 parts and merged, meshed and simplified in Revostudio

Part is available for viewing, download and inspection on my sketchfab :wink:

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Umbrella tighten knob RE



Toilet screw for reverse engineering and repair (downloadable)



Toilet hook for reverse engineering and repair


Selfie with mini

Here is the model on Sketchfab

This is what i had to do to capture my dark beard :slight_smile:

This is what the mini picks up without flour dusting

Selfie scan of the printed selfie


Fusion 0.02

Meshing 6.0 no cleaning

1x F20 C0.5


INSPIRE scan for CAD reverse engineering

3D scan of a Revopoint INSPIRE scanner, done with a Revopoint mini scanner for reverse engineering and CAD replication.

Scan was done with aesub orange, multiple scans, using crumpled jeans fabric as a feature registration. Parts where merged with cloudcompare and meshed back in Revoscan

At one point when i scanned the faceplate the spray was already evaporating (hot day) and the jeans got recorded into the faceplace as reflection