Revopoint MINI drawings-dimensions

I need the dimensions (technical drawings) or a CAD file of the scanner (Revopoint MINI) to design a dedicated holder.

I will make CAD model of the scanner later this week. and DM you.

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Thank you, very nice of you

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Do you have a specific link to the dimensions that OP asked? The posted link is to your YouTube channel.

I completely forgot to scan the MINI :rofl: Revopoint wont just give the CAD of the scanne we will have to scan it our self

Sooo… Did you ever got to reverse the cad file for the mini ???

If you did, here is a manual (caliper) reverse engineering of the enclosure shell for reference

Would be interesting to compare the cloud points with the manual CAD files :slight_smile:

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I am extremely busy I would want to design my own handle for the MINI but I have not enough time recently. :neutral_face: