Environment settings for Mini


I am new to 3D scanning, have the POP2 and the Mini. I am unsure which environment is optimal for which scanner.
After my first attempts with the Mini with the dual axes turntable I think the Mini will suit my intentions better than the POP2 because I tend to scan small and detailed objects. But POP2 will be safe for scanning heads.

For the POP2 I bought a light box, but now I am unsure what is the optimal environment for the Mini. Honestly I would like to get rid of the light box, because it takes a lot of space. And had read that Mini rather likes dark than bright.

Can someone help me what is a good environment setup for my further attempts?

Thanks a lot.

The MINI like lower ambient light settings and completely do not like the light from the light box as the LED are on the cool side of color that interrupts the Blue Laser pattern , that includes all lights with cool tones since it emitting blue light interrupting the gain settings .
I purchased myself warmer LED light that works perfect , the one that Revopoint selling are also working great with MINI .

So all you need is just a dark pvc background or black velvet , you can reuse the one from the Light Box , I am about to fold my own light box as well as I will use only MINI for small objects now and POP2 only for human and big object scanning .

I am about to design a holder for my black background and print it out . I set my 2 LED lights on a mini tripods when scanning in color for now.
But I thinking about finishing other better solution for the light that works much better after couple of testing and do not need tripods.