[Winner Announcement] Revopoint Furniture Scanning Challenge: Win Beta Testing Opportunity and Other Prizes

Dear All,

After calculating the points from all judges and the “likes”, the winners’ ranking list is as below.

First Prize: @PleKes (50 points)
Second Prize: @pvinhha (39.5) @Sheeter (38.5)
Third Prize: @ChannelTED (37.5) @sojiira (35.5)

Note: We give the score according to the difficulty level, details, color of the models.

Congrats to all winners!

Please send the shipping information (including consignee name, street, city, province, Zip Code, Consignee email, phone) of the prizes to jane@revopoint3d.com before June 2, 2023, 6pm, Beijing time.

Like below:
Consignee Country:
Consignee Name:
Zip Code:
Consignee Email:
Consignee Phone:

Failure to provide the above information as required within the deadline specified in the message will be deemed that the winner has given up the right to claim the prize.

We’re thrilled that many of you have already received your Revopoint RANGE and can’t wait to see all the fantastic things you’ll scan with it! And to get the ball rolling, we’re launching the Furniture Scanning Challenge as an opportunity for you guys to showcase your skills while competing for awesome prizes.

Theme: Scan Furniture (Sofas/Chairs/Tables/Dressers, etc.)

Activity Duration: From now until 6 pm Beijing time, May 21th
(Note: This time is extended by Revopoint)

First Prize: Beta test our next new product x 1 winner.
Second Prize: 1 Dual-axis Turntable x 2 winners.
Third Prize: 1 Mobile Kit x 3 winners.

All winners will be announced before May 26th, 6 pm, Beijing time.


  1. Scan any piece of furniture (sofas/chairs/tables, dressers, etc.) with a Revopoint 3D scanner.

  2. Share a photo of the item and a screenshot of the scan result in the comment. You can also upload your model file to Sketchfab and share the link in the comment.

  3. Describe any problems encountered during the scanning process and how you overcame them (optional).

Evaluation Criteria:

Criteria include accuracy, detail, and scan completeness. And color scans have a higher chance of winning.

  1. Total of 5 judges will give a score for each entry. (Each judge can give a maximum of 10 points for each entry. ).

  2. Invite your friends to like your comment – 1 like equals 0.5 points (Maximum score of 10 points).

Judges: @PopUpTheVolume @Johnathan @ivan @dfodaro @Revopoint-Cassie

Prizes will be given to the participants with the highest scores, as determined by the judges. In the event of a tie, the Revopoint team will determine the winner.


Revopoint may promote this activity through social media channels, EDM, Kickstarter, and other platforms.


  1. Each participant can only submit one scan result. If multiple results are submitted, only the first one will be considered.

  2. All scans submitted must be the original work of the participant. The use of other people’s work, including but not limited to downloaded 3D models or scans, is strictly prohibited and will result in disqualification.

  3. Any form of plagiarism or copyright infringement is strictly prohibited. Participants are responsible for ensuring that their scan does not infringe on any third-party intellectual property rights.

  4. Any participant found to be engaging in unethical or fraudulent behavior, including but not limited to cheating or falsifying scan results, will be disqualified from the contest.

  5. If there is any question during the award evaluation process, participants must fully cooperate with the Revopoint team’s investigation Otherwise, the Revopoint team reserves the right to cancel the participant’s eligibility for the award.

  6. All entries, whether they win or not, are considered as the participant’s unconditional authorization for Revopoint to use their entries as promotional materials on various platforms.

  7. Winners should contact the Revopoint team via private message on the forum within 7 days to provide shipping details after the winner announcement.

  8. Any changes can be made to this contest without prior notice.

  9. Revopoint has the right to choose all the winners; the decision will be final and binding.

  10. All Participants shall be deemed as having agreed to the Terms and Conditions


what amount of software post-processing is allowed? Can we use GOM Inspect (free), or do we need to do everything in Revoscan 5.0?

or CloudCompare …free :slight_smile:

The contest is for a future Beta Tester position using RS5 and new device that knows well how to work around in Revo Scan 5 to be able to test future products and give a proper feedback, so your RS5 skills are very important .

Post processing are allowed but the original scan project and the Revo Scan 5 workflow will definitely give you an extra points and boost in the competition.

To prevent cheating ( using other scans or photogrammetry ) Revopoint will ask for the original project and scan files made by the winners .

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working on my black office chair :skull:


Hi! Is this your final result? Consider rule 1 “Each participant can only submit one scan result. If multiple results are submitted, only the first one will be considered”

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@Sheeter you can always update your final image of your scan in your post before the end of the contest , the judging will starts once the contest is final and thread closed . So keep updating your currently entry as you progress .

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I’ve tried scanning sofas and chairs many times, but it doesn’t work at all. I would like a tutorial video showing the actual scanning process.

Or you share a video of you scanning a furniture you have difficulties with to better understand you problems? :wink:

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Scan partial elements and merge them later into one object , scanning furniture of this type at once is rather difficult task.

That why the challenge is for , if that was easy , there would be no challenge :wink:


So for my first deep dive using a Revopoint scanner I figured I would give this a go! Setting up the software on my android and pc was simple enough and was off to scan in no time.

One thing I noticed right away was with the way I was trying to scan I kept getting tracking issues, so I decided to break it down in multiple scans and merge them together. And that helped overall in getting a better result but still had a few errors with wrong overlapping points.

A quality of life improvement on that point though and maybe its a setting I didnt see but is there a way to select multiple projects on a phone and send to PC? I had to do it one by one and type the send code for each project to send over which was not fun.

Overall, I thought the software was easy to use. I definitely need to learn some more though to fix my errors and fine tune my approach to scanning. But I liked the way certain parts came out and now just need to get better at it, Off to scan some more!


Finally finished! I scanned my Ergohuman Mirus with Range, but without texture as my chair is made off mesh and thus is semi transparent for the RGB camera.

Scanning was done in Revoscan and even though the software had improvements and the scanner’s got bigger fov than before, it still wasn’t a cake walk to get to this result. Besides the bottom and backside of the chair I kept losing tracking on the other sides, as a remedy I put my black pants that had a similar IR absorbence and that helped tremendously with feature tracking. I first tried using my marker cubes but the marker mode didn’t work with high gain.
The seams visible on the seat are the results of joining multiple scans of the seat (I had to move the pants to get other scans, right?). And the backside for some reason didn’t want to scan besides the frames which caused that blob… For everything but the stand I used “dark” scanning setting at 7 gain, the stand was sprayed and scanned at “big object mode”, 4 gain.

Unfortunately the processing of the scans had to be done elsewhere. Revo-suite is still much inferior to any other option because it’s both very unoptimized and the tools are badly designed. I only ended up using a few point filtering options there and then moved to Meshlab to clean the scans from my pants and other stuff, then I aligned them with the “rough alignment” method which is much easier and faster than markers. With the aligned mesh I moved to Meshmixer to do final fixes on the surface, I removed some holes and smoothed out uneven surfaces - final result and photo reference can be seen below.


Hello… Testing 123

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Hello @Teerawat I can read you … Over :wink:

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Wow, that’s really clever, nice job!

For furniture scanning challenge I choose this thin feature chair, for this case often find tracking lose problem that many encountered and I have a solution to overcome this problem by using markers on clear tape and wrap them around object- now I can scan this chair with ease and accurately. Markers and clear tape will be disappear and leave with only a nice scan, scanner can scan through clear tape.


Thank you it take me several try to get a hang of it.

Dark Leather - Scanned with pillows on the sides for feature tracking help.


My scanned 3D model can be viewed here at sketchFab:

A hosting chair of my dining furniture set was scanned with a RANGE 3D scanner and Revoscan v5 software. Pointcloud data has been aligned, cleanned up and meshed using Revo Studio. I first planned to use the markers for good scanning, but the chair is large and would take many markers to be enough points needed. I changed to use the feature tracking instead. It was very challenging to scan areas with flat surface without any features. After a half day of experimenting, I found the best way to scan my chair in a sequence each time to include as many as features and overlapsed areas for alignment needed in the post processing with Revo Studio. The RANGE scanner is good for this large chair and the colors including red, gray, scattering black pattern on the fabric. There were issues with tracking when scanning in a certain motion patterns while holding the scanner. It was a great learning for me in order to get the results of this full size model. In the future, I will share some videos for successful scanning using RANGE scanner. Below is the photo of the chair I used for this scanning challenge.