[Winner Announced] [Contest] Why are you using the POP 3D Scanner? Post to our showcase & win a prize!

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Hello Revopoint3d
I wish to win the scaner to

  1. scan myself, family and friends, also to scan some project which not available as stl
  2. it’s will help me to print something awesome
    like human, home tools, RC, and many things
  3. Revpoint POP 3d scanner - YouTube

thank you and good luck for everyone

Sadiq AlKubaish

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Hi @sadiq1771

Thank you for your participation. Good luck!

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You’re must welcome
and thanks for sharing and your nice reply
my best wishes for all

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I use my pop for the intention of replicating and reverse engineering rare and expensive vehicle parts and panels. I can then print a mould to be used for fibreglass/carbon fibre. I’m also replicating some prosthetic covers for 3D printing

The pop was the best choice for sub £1000. I’ve used various scanners before from hacked kinects, Isense scanner for iPad and 3DS sense scanner and this one is very good for the money and will create enough geometry for printing or using as a guide for recreating in CAD

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1 – For what purpose are you using POP?
I’m a freelance 3d modeler and I make people and characters miniatures. This is my hobby and my passion. But modeling people’s Likeness is a difficult and time-consuming task. It takes me many days and hours to get the result I want. I’ve been looking for a long time for a scanner that would be my work companion and help me to do the likeness faster and more accurately, but buying a scanner was not yet in my possibilities because 3D scanners with good performance were too expensive. Cheap ones were of poor quality. So the search continued.

2-Why did you decide that POP was your best solution?
Pop3D appeared to me on facebook, and directed me to the Kickstarter page. I was impressed with the quality of the product, the quality of the captures and the speed, It seemed too much to be true, Using PC or Android Phone to capture was all I needed, and the value of the product was very attractive, so despite never having participated in Kickstarter this was my first time and what I saw gave me a lot of confidence. I joined as a supporter and followed each update until today. When the Pop3 arrived at my house and I used it for the first time I couldn’t believe the results, it looked wonderful, I made the right purchase, it met exactly what I needed. A Good 3D Scanner, That Works And At A Really Affordable Value. I’m satisfied with the results and I know the team is working to improve even more.

3 - Publish in our showcase. (Two images required: 1. A photo of the original object; 2: The scanned result)
I know you ask for two photos but I need to put more. I use pop 3 to capture not only the now but to help me restore memories of the past. This married was already 6 years old and married and with the help of Pop 3 I materialized the photo they liked the most on their wedding day. Detail, it took about 7 seconds to scan each one of them. perfect to me!!


Hello everyone
I am a professional art conservator and I have been using 3D technologies in my professional activity for several years now. In particular, I deal with the conservation and restoration of sculptures.
I am using the Revopoint POP scanner to scan sculptures of different materials (such as plaster, terracotta, bronze).
The POP Revopoint scanner allows me to work easily by walking around the sculpture, even in tight spaces. I point out the quality of the HandyStudio software for the precise alignment of separate scanned portions of the sculpture and the creation of the mesh.
I show you the scan of a bronze sculpture “young ballet dancer” 140 cm high, dark and shiny (really hard to scan). Scanned with POP (I used HandyScan Mac and Win version) in different parts and aligned and meshed with HandyStudio. The result is very interesting allowing to obtain a “ligth” 3D model but with good quality.
I am still in an experimentation phase and I am trying to use the scanner to make portions with greater detail (bringing the POP scanner closer to the surface to be scanned, but also using higher resolution scanners) and adding these parts to the model with the lowest resolution: the results are interesting and I will post them in the forum .
I post images of the sculpture and scan from the corresponding view (and with the same “simulated” lighting).
Thank you



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Thank you for your kind words.

Have fun scanning!

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Wow, your work is excellent! I believe this customer was very excited when they received it.

Looking forward to seeing more showcases from you in the future.

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Hey Davide,

Good to know that you also use the Mac version and the Win version and get such an impressive result. Thank you so much for sharing these showcases here. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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As an orthopaedic shoemaker I scan casts made from feet.
I did use a laser scanner for this purpose, but since that scanner is now getting old, I was looking for a replacement scanner. When I saw the announcement on Kickstarter I was sceptical about a scanner that was so cheap, but I decided to take the chance and ordered a POP scanner.
I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the scans, in fact they are more detailed than necessary for my purpose. But this accuracy opens other possibilities for this little scanner!

After scanning the plaster positive of the foot, I model the shoe-last around the cast in Rhinoceros3D.
Then the lasts are CNC milled from wood, and the shoes and insoles are made on these lasts.
I have attached some photos and screenshots of casts, a scan, the digital lasts and an example of some of the orthopaedic shoes we make (with the lasts still inside).

Erik Hondebrink


Great competition and giveaway :+1: I added it to our table.

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Hi @PodoTools

Thank you so much for your participation.

We’re glad to see that POP is helpful to you.

Looking forward to more showcases from you in this forum.

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I use a scanner to prepare models of car steering wheels. The photo below will show an example of the work. The resulting model is used to create the cover on the steering wheel for the features of the customer’s hand. The cover is printed on a 3D printer and glued to the frame.

I bought this scanner on kickstarter just to get a new experience. I experimented with different objects and determined the optimal ones for myself. These should be small objects that can be placed on the turntable. It is necessary to avoid thicknesses less than 10 mm. Less thickness data the scanner starts to work poorly. Of course, the result is not perfect, but for the chosen technology (3d printing and pasting) the result is acceptable. It is necessary to lay a technological gap, which will then be filled with an adhesive composition.

I found the best way for myself to get a full-volume model after scanning (as much as possible). I hope to write a video tutorial about it someday.

Hi @Evgen

Glad to see your participation. Your scan result is always good.

We sincerely hope that you can make a video tutorial about it in this forum. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I did my 3d scanner review last night. Will share it on youtube and email soon. =)

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That’s great! Thank you so much.

I am laser scanning people’s faces and using a CNC router to cut them out of wood.


Hi @ZoltanTheZ

Thank you for participating in this contest.

Your showcase post of the dead guy leave a strong impression on me.

Good luck!

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1 - Sono un pittore e modellatore freelance, creo sculture e dipingo, spesso per acquisire statue per farne copie fedeli usavo la fotogrammetria, poi ho scoperto il POP di Revopoint e ho sostenuto il progetto dall’inizio. Cercavo uno scanner a basso costo con qualità buona, ho fatto già vari lavori risparmiando tanto tempo e lavoro rispetto alla fotogrammetria, faccio anche lavori molto complessi con lo scanner rispetto alla semplice testa che posto qui.

2 - Ho deciso di aderire subito alla campagna kickstarter guardando quello che poteva fare il POP e la qualità delle scansioni, considerando anche che per scansioni con una qualità del genere si va su prezzi di varie migliaia di euro, inoltre tutti gli scanner non fanno tutto e c’è bisogno anche di post produzione, so usare software di modellazione poligonale quindi con il POP che è facile da usare e mi da una mano riesco a fare cose complesse e essere anche competitivo alla pari di scanner costosi, ne sono contento e comprerò anche la nuova versione.

P:S. Le immagini sono scansioni non processate.

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