Share a showcase & win a Range scanner!

Hi Friends,

Thank you for being active member of our forum. As you may know, when there’s a new product, we usually select some active users and share excellent showcases as Beta Testers. These days, many users also express their interest in testing the Range.

To give more users chances, we decide to hold this contest. All participants can share their scan showcase to get an opportunity to be the Beta Tester!


1st Prize * 1: A Range 3D Scanner * 1

How to WIN?

Share your showcases with Revopoint products in the comment area, and remark which scanner you used.

Who can participate:

All forum users who are above 18 years old can join this contest.

Contest Period:

Now - Jan 15, 23:59pm (GMT+8)

Winner Announcement

Jan 18, 2021 (Updated on Jan 17, sorry for the delay, we need to discuss the final winner again)

Who can win?

Revopoint forum team will discuss and choose the best demonstration.


  1. Each ID can win or join only once in this contest;

  2. Only full scans of your object, no partial or unfinished scans. Together with a photo of the original object.

  3. Don’t copy others’ comments;

  4. Prize shipment time is not promised;

  5. The winners need to cooperate to the customs clearance and pay the tax (if the prize/order has tax);

  6. Any changes can be made to this contest without prior notice;

  7. Revopoint has the right to choose all the winners and their decision will be final and binding.

  8. The winner must share the unboxing and showcase of the Range after receiving it.

Notice: All Participants shall be deemed as having agreed to the Terms and Conditions


pop2 scanner with my iphone 11 Looking forward to how this Range scanner works.

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Complete scan replication of a 54yo Impala Wagon 2 piece lens.

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My showcases in order, using POP1, POP2, and Mini…

Skull using POP1

Rubber glove part of a NintendoGlove using POP2

Scan of a Cyberman thru a glass case and with very little light with POP2

Compare resolution of POP1 and the POP Mini

And my Christmas scans using the POP Mini…


Hey there, I’m very new to 3D Scanning (and mostly an observer in the forum), but thanks to @PopUpTheVolume 's tips and showcases, I was able to scan objects (and people) fairly quickly.
I’d like to show you a little angle figure I scanned. I got it from my mom for Christmas while I studied abroad and now it has become Christmas decoration, that we put up every year. This year I scanned it, so that I could 3D print it and give to my mom. I used the POP mini and I am amazed by the captured details. I know it was an “easy” scan to begin with, since it’s an already matte white figure, and of course it’s not a “perfect” scan, but I am happy with it and still in the process of learning and figuring things out. I was most amazed, that the mini also captured the little hole on the foot of the figure. I wasn’t even aware of this hole until I looked at the finished STL file and wondered why there is a hole. I used Revo Studio and Cloud Compare to delete duplicate points, remove some noise and fill in the holes. Overall really happy with the mini and cannot wait for the Range. And also a big shoutout to @PopUpTheVolume and Revopoint!

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Hello friends,

I’m interested in this opportunity because I have a trip to Spain this summer where I plan to scan furniture and several houses of the 19th century full of antiquities, and I’m not sure the Quickstarter for Range will be available that soon. Being able to test it this summer would be incredible.

I’m also interested in Range to scan local Shinto shrines and forest paths in my hometown.

Below is a sample of my scans. Hope you like them :slight_smile:

Scanned with POP2:

Textures are made from the color point cloud slightly edited and mixed with the revoscan textures. The models were re-meshed in ZBrush and rendered in Blender.

Scanned with POP 2 and/or MINI:

Scanned with MINI:

EDIT: I just noticed I’m supposed to include photos. I’m afraid I ate most of the items :sweat_smile: and I have no photos to show, but I’ve taken photos of the ones I still have around. I’m also including some mesh captures for better showcase of the scanners’ surface quality. Sorry for the confusion!


Dear all:

I am attending this competition.

In September 2022, I ordered POP 2. Since then, I have been testing it
and playing with it.

I used POP 2 mainly for scanning the human body. I am a Ph.D. student and
focus on computational physics. I have been working on the ideal 3D model
for simplicity. In my free time, I am interested in 3D modelling and
cycling. The reason why I need POP 2 is to capture my body position on
a time-trial bike, so I can do a computational analysis of my body and
bike. Eventually, I can optimize my bike configuration and body
position to reduce air resistance. What’s more important, I like
to share my journey in the form of a public blog.

Having the equipment to capture a 3D model is essential for me. I was
satisfied by scanning the small stuff using the provided
turn-table and the sculpture, but when I started to work with myself,
things got hard. And I know that 3D scanning is not easy.

Attached please find a scanned model of my fist. Although it is just a
fist, it is not easy to capture an error-free model. I am sorry for the
blurred image of my fist. I intended to blur my biology information for
security reasons.

In the scientific world, 3D scanning will be an essential tool in the
future. There are so many computational studies in my field but I
rarely have seen those computations in our day-to-day life.

I believe winning this competition will:

  • increase my productivity in capturing my body
  • bring more blog posts to my 3d scanning journey in future
  • influence my computational fellows with this promising 3D scanner

Thanks for your attention,


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Hi @10-80DirtSports ,

Thank you for sharing your showcase! :+1:

Best Regards

Hi there!
I had ordered my RevoPoint mini 3d scanner on 5 Dec 2022 and since then i m working with it and playing with this magnificent tool. In my opinion it is a revolution in scanning industry. I liked it so much and i prefer everyone to use revopoint 3d scanner for your any type of work. I am a carpenter and i m using it in my wood carving, and it gives me great results


woman with flover with my POP2 and Surface pc

Stemma Araldico del 1000 AD

pop 2 with pc I7 madonna bronzo

First scan with pop1 and suface just for try

Pop1 with surface first scan of a bas relief…


Motorcycle front brake caliper- first scan ever with the POP2, and this was the result: Wonderful!


Hi @Tbastian ,

I’m surprised your scan result of Cyberman thru a glass case by POP 2 looks so nice. Thank you for sharing!

Best Regards

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My limitation I believe was the distance from the Cyberman I had to deal with, but I was also happy with my results. Thank you.

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Hi @RichardWren ,

These showcases look impressive. Thank you for sharing!

Best Regards

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Miniature Triumph T120 Inner Grarbox Cover, as seen on Facebook:

I’m Dentist, and use the revopoint mini to study changes in smile design.

First I scan the face.

Revopoint mini can scan teeth without problems. And have a good mesh.

I can scan dental models too. The resolution is enought for study,

I can use virtual articulators to simulate mouth moviments.

and can simulate dental treatmens too.


Hey Friends I’m using Revopoint Mini for my carving work. It gives me an amazing results. Love this product it comes in a good price range.



All scans made with Revopoint Mini, and cleaned up in Zbrush. All were scanned using a tripod, black fabric backdrop and Aesub scanning spray. I really hoping to get to try out the Range. There a lots of statues and monuments, that I would like to replicate. Currently I use photogrammetry to do this, but I believe that scanning the items would expedite the workflow.

Rocket Head


Сканирование производилось сканером Revopoint Mini, при помощи штатива и поворотного стола, объект был покрыт тальком

Сканирование производилось в три прохода


Затем объединялось в Revo Studio

Далее в Solidworks был добавлен необходимый объем для литья в бронзе и последующей токарной обработки

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