[Windows & Mac ] Revo Scan V5.4.5

Hello everyone,

Revo Scan V5.4.5 for Windows and macOS are now available on the official website.

Download it at: revoscan5


  1. Adds a common functions right-click menu to the 3D display window.

  2. Adds location references for Single-shot mode.
    Note: This function is only available when you choose Color Scanning and Single-shot Mode.

  1. Adds a zoom-to-fit display function.

  2. Adds regional options in Wi-Fi settings. If you’re having problems connecting over Wi-fi, change the region to your location. If Wi-Fi is already working correctly, leave it set to Auto.

  3. Adds a button to easily access log files in the Feedback form.

  4. One-tap Edit, Point Cloud Fusion, and Texture processes can now be canceled during processing.

  5. The Tab Bar is now available for macOS users.

  6. Fixes some bugs.

  7. Optimizes the user experience.

  8. Model Material Color Change (3 types of surfaces: Diffuse, Matte, Shiny; four colors: White, Dark Red, Light Purple, Blue)
    Model Properties can be found in the Display Menu.

  9. Adds Mesh Model Display


Unfortunately a lot of cosmetics, I’m looking forward to new core changes. For example, you can program the turntable, (pre)-align the scans, etc. Many suggestions have already been mentioned in the forum.

And above all, essential bug fixes, such as the seam after merging models.


Hi @SphaeroX

Like you said, these are important features. They are already in the schedule, but will take some time to realize. Please stay patient and look forward to them!


I know and I’m really looking forward to it!
In my opinion, Revopoint is the best 3D scanner provider in the private sector :grin::+1:


Thank you so much! Your advice to us is also very important! :+1:

Awesome news and a way in the right direction to merge photogrammetry with scans as well! Will there be an option to export the rgb only with position data in the exif in future too? So the rgb can be used to align an additional DSLR photo set in same orientation and scale as the scan is in?


i missed the manual align/ merge function in RS4

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Hi @bau-3d.ch there is no Photogrammetry in this scanner technology , it uses RGB only for color per vertex and textures , the RGB don’t have any other function in scanning of the surface and should be not mixed with other scanning technology ,as the main workflow is not photogrammetry based either the processing .

I suggest you scan your model using photogrammetry and Revopoint scanner , export the model from Revo Scan 5 and adjust the position of it to match the model you created using photogrammetry then replace it and generate textures in your photogrammetry software , it will be much faster that reshooting all RGB frames to replace it in Revo Scan 5 , Revo Scan 5 don’t use all RGB frames for creating color data so waste of time .

The replacing of your mesh will be much faster than reshooting all RGB

There is no data position stored in the RGB frames , so exporting it is not possible , the RGB are linked to the actual frame cells .

Well I have to say I’m not in your opinion. Since we got the ability to show the single frame sensor positions it would be great to be able to export those rgb with exif data and import them along with the pointcloud into a phgr software. Use the sensor rgb only as alignment reference for dslr photos, have the sensor rgb disabled for meshing and texturing and create a mesh out of the scanned pointcloud and real high res photos. Use the photos for texture. I do this with other scanners which are able to detect targets (36h11) and export the positions of those than take photos detect those markers in the photos assing the locations out of the scan and merge both datasets into a single model.

I understand , it is just the same option I was talking early about just reversed , you can do that without the need of the exif data .

As I stated early the RGB files do not have any exif information , it is not available .
What you see in preview is based on the position of point cloud frames in space only controlled by another files , so little problematic , many of us was there already and tried their best for the last 2 years .

I am still waiting for the ability to replace the RGB data inside Revo Scan 5 using our own cameras , but the waiting time is already much too long . Manually it will never works as each frame cell is linked to each RGB frame in specific space , angle and distance , so not the way that photogrammetry works .

And yes you can texture your models outside Revo Scan 5 in many ways , but I don’t think Revopoint going to support 3rd part software to allow that , but never say never .There are so many things that need to be fixed before that and the list is very long .

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Encountered one bug so far: batch processing seems to ignore point distance setting and uses recommended instead. It even resets the display to recommended as if you pressed the refresh button for the setting.

Actually, it seems Point Distance setting no longer has persistence at all. Additionally, the criteria for what is recommended seems to be revised in favor of much larger point distances. One example, for the same scan 5.4.3 recommends .71mm while 5.4.5 recommends 1.31mm.

Not sure if it was ever intended behavior or not, but holding down right and left mouse button simultaneously can be used to pan the camera (same behavior as shift + left click or middle mouse). This still works but now you get the right click pop-up menu after letting up on the right mouse button.

The changes to keyframe edit are fun, but frame deletion being destructive continues to be baffling. The frames must be set to ignore somewhere since they remain on disk, so why not have the ability to delete and undelete? At the very least catalog deleted frames in a text or json file so us tinkerers can do something with it.

Zoom to fit is nice, but still no selectable camera lock (primarily for Keyframe Edit Mode).

Please add the option to delete mesh and textured mesh separately.

Other UI issues that still exist:

Switching scans in a project always reverts to One-click Edit tab. Tab should be persistent.

The UI seems fixed at 1920x1080 and scales up when using a higher monitor resolution rather than expanding screen real estate. MacOS version seems to have proper scaling (although the 3D view window seems to be the only resizable element).

Project panel has fixed width. Particularly a problem in Merge tab where the default timestamp filenames are too long to display in their entirety.

In Keyframe Edit Mode changing frames resets your tool selection. Tool selection should be persistent.

The Isolation Rate setting is persistent for point cloud edit but not mesh edit.

Batch export is only available directly after batch processing.


When I have used single shot mode and start a new scan, there are no points collected from the scanner (Range).
I have to close RevoScan V5.4.5 and start it again to be able to resume scanning.
This does not always happen after scanning in continuous mode.

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Yes it is a new bug just found out , it is about the resume in general , scans can’t be resumed until restart what affecting the single shot mode as it’s algorithms uses that function .