Why produce Pop3 when we have Pop2?

I’ve seen a fair few posts of Facebook with the same question inferred, and the modern dis of Revopoint being referred to as the “iPhone” of scanners.

I know its meant in a negative way, but…

It really is the poorest of insults, afterall what apple have done with the iPhone revolutionised the industry. Can you really knock a company for producing an up spec’d product and releasing it, this is what will drive technology and user interface improvements. It also forces competition to up thier game which gives us more options in this arena.

I currently have 3 of the 5 scanners and am not at all agrivated by the release of the Pop3, maybe it’s because I work within engineering and am not really looking at these as a consumer item, but more of a prosumer item.

As long as Revopoint3d can offer assurances to support existing products I feel we have nothing to worry about, especially as the software developments have already improved earlier model scans.


All new software features support all scanners … it would be hard to change a hardware in older versions of the scanners .

And what this means ?

Each scanner Revopoint produced deliver different results and was created for different purpose , but many of the people don’t see a difference between, because for them it is all the same anyway .

POP 3 is an upgrade based on all users wishes and suggestions and that is a wonderful thing .
Electronics are old already the day of their release … so don’t expect a company to release one scanner and keep running , because the companies that do that , don’t exciting no more …

REVOPOINT is not a one ride pony company that reselling other people products , Revopoint is a manufacturer, producing new unique products as that is what manufacturer do, keeping the production line busy and improving each time.

REVOPOINT will always support all their products .


Thankyou for such a comprehensive response.

I think a lot of consumers got sour of iPhone being released and old versions being defunct very quickly. It’s a business model they then expect all companies to follow as sadly it’s set some kind of benchmark.

I like the Revopoint way of doing things, it’s very similar to a motorcycle helmet manufacturer that I’m very much a fan of. It’s funny because they get the same “iPhone” comments after releasing either a new graphic, or a revised model. All the while as Revopoint does, adapting the product to better suit the user directly from feedback.

As you quite rightly said, it keeps the products exciting.


Thanks Gary , glad to see that you understand the whole process of the business and it is far from ( iPhone) style .
New products will pay for future support, new software features and eventual new upgraded devices and new designs.

Without it the money collected from the older device sales would run out very quickly and the end of everything.

I know Revopoint will prosper for many years to come evolving with their products since they always listen .

The same reason why I invested in old products my own money as well and I never regret it .
As I was ensured that I would be not abandoned, so comparing it to (iPhone) style business is little out of place and harsh.

If people buy the scanners for business , it would pay off after one usage already , so a great investment anyway . Even if I have to change it every year for better version I would . It pays off .

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one thing to praise on Revopoint is their regular trade in campaigns, something we dont see often on most brands


Well, I think in this case it is exactly the opposite, Apple is well known for being the brand that keeps their devices updated way longer than Android (and I’m an Android guy…), so being “the IPhone of the scanners” is actually pretty positive! (as long as the price remains the same!! :laughing:)

The key point here, is that Revopoing has shown a very good track of supporting old products, and even adding additional functionalities via SW, which I find extremelly positive (as we saw with the frame rate increase with revoscan5). I personally value even more how they committed to do FW upgrades to the POP1, something that was not foreseen at all when the scanner was released.

I do not plan to buy the pop3 because for me, Mini & Range is just what I need (in fact, I have donated my pop & pop2) but I’m more than happy with Revopoint roadmap