Why does my spirit animal have to be cows?

Still figuring out my Inspire. Takes a lot of learning to figure out what it can and can’t do. One thing I found pretty quickly is that on my many cow figurines/models/plush toys, the white scans fine, the black spots… not so much. Any tips to capture my bovine besties at their most beautiful?

Some materials are made from black synthetic materials that include oil in production , it absorb the infrared light that why sometimes it don’t capture it well , it is not much the color but the material itself .
For example some resin and waxes will not scan well as the materials absorb infrared light or scattering it .

It has nothing to do with INSPIRE but with the scanning technology that it uses .

What you can do ?
You can use some brush with some transparent makeup powder and slightly dust the dark hair area …it will temporary stop infrared light absorption , you can also try to scan all white areas first then pause , after that change the depth exposure to much higher and try to scan the dark areas.

Structure light scanners are not Photogrammetry based so they relay on a perfect surface and features of the scanned objects .

It’s not just synthetic materials - some of these figurines are made of glass and I’m still just getting holes wherever they have black spots. (And don’t worry, I know you can’t invent a scanner that breaks the laws of physics. Although if you do, let me know and I’ll be first in line)

I’ve heard the “baby powder” and “dry shampoo” suggestions (I think they’re in the manual), but never the transparent makeup one… unfortunately I’m not a fan of makeup so I wouldn’t have any around. I know there’s also 3D scan spray but I’d have no idea where to look for it (well, I had one idea, but there’s none on Amazon, at least not amazon.com.au).

I will try your suggestion for adjusting the exposure. If that doesn’t work then I might have to break out the baby powder and my air duster… and probably do the “after” step of that pairing outside.

Well it is better than baby powder and much safer to use since it is mineral transparent powder and much finer …you can find it everywhere also on Amazon .

Nothing really to do with make up , it is to cut on the shining oils that creates actually micro noises while scanning … unless you like to throw some baby powder on your face but the color scan will be bad :joy:

It is just much better alternative that produces better results .

For the other issues you have use zinc oxide with rubbing alcohol and small brush to cover the areas that absorb the infrared light .

That are some 3D scanning rules that need to be avoid . Most important is capture of the volume for that reason it need to be proper prepared .

Regarding 3D spray it would be most useful for you

Just search on Google to see what they offers in your area …

And if you use baby powder and duster wear a mask pls and glasses …you don’t want to damage your lungs …better mix it with rubbing alcohol and use brush to paint your objects much safer this way.

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