I've contacted support and they aren't responding

I’ve contacted support and let them know that the POP2 just doesn’t seem to be able to scan what I need it to scan. I wanted so much for it to be able to scan the toy figures , but it seems they are too colorful, or have color with dark areas on them, and it just doesn’t work.I haven’t heard back in a while. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I recommend to buy a special 3D spray that will allow you to scan anything you want , the spray disappearing by itself over time like couple of hours so not need to be cleaned . Very handy …
If you want to scan colors and there is black color but not made from plastic then you can adjust the Depth Camera gain to higher value after you scan first round at normal settings. Remember infrared light will be not visible on black plastics, PU, silicone and synthetic black paints . It is not about the black color , it is about what material the black colors use , synthetic or natural, you can scan black t-shirt and jeans without issue, but pure polyester fabric will not .
You can get the spray here : AESUB Blue 3D Scanning Spray - Digitize Designs

Black cotton scan

And another tip – if you’re trying to scan something small, I’ve found that it helps to do the initial scan with markers on a surface below the item. This seems to help it with tracking until it can capture enough detail on the actual part to use it for tracking.

Also, be sure to have good (bright & diffuse) lighting. It helps immensely with the color capture.