Why am I missing several items? When can I get tracking number? Here are the answers

1. Why am I missing several items from the package received, and when will the missing parts/add-ons arrive?

A: The missing are parts with battery; most of domestic logistics companies have no support for battery stuff service, they need to be shipped separately, and we are positively looking for stable delivery channel to make sure that once your parcel is shipped, the others will send out within 2 weeks. And we will bear the second shipping fee for you.

2. How can I get the tracking No.? And How the shipping wokrs?

A: Here is the delivery works: Revopoint Factory (finished) → Logistics provider site(3 Days) →Customs declaration by the logistics provider (3 days)→ shipping (3 days) → Customs of Destination (3 days)→Individuals

After the POP is out of China customs, you will get a notice (or the product is returned).

If everything goes well, the tracking No. will get your POP in 7-15 daysonce shipped.

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