Got my scanner. But not the power bank grip and phone rig!?

Are there more of us backers that have received the scanner but not the power bank grip and phone rig in the super mobile bundle pledge?
Have tried to reach Revopoint by messages at KS but no luck!!

You’re lucky. I am still waiting for anything to arrive at my US address.

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I am in the same boat. I did not get the turntable, smartphone rig or power bank grip. I contacted Revopoint and was told they will send me these items by the end of the month. They said they could not send the turntable due to batteries. A few days later I got an email from FedEx with a tracking number saying a label was created, but the shipment was canceled about 5 hours later.

I contacted Revopoint again and they said they would send me the remaining items. It has been a week and so far and have not seen any emails. They sent out an update yesterday that said all of the US shipments have been sent out and people should start receiving tracking emails within the next few days. I am hoping by early next week to get a tracking email and how that the package has the turntable, smartphone rig and power bank grip.

Well I am situated in Sweden…

Hi @perolalars @dmaul3300 @halturner12 Please don’t worry. Because most of domestic logistics companies have no support for battery stuff service, they need to be shipped separately. That’s the reason. We will ship them for you as soon as possible. Thanks for your kind support and understanding.

Hi @Revopoint-Cassie and thanks for info! It would have been nice to get that info when the scanner was sent (or received) since you cant tell if there is a mistake in the shipping or what! But good to know! Cheers!

@Revopoint-Cassie After seeing the invoice that Revopoint sent me, according to the invoice, I did NOT order the mobile super kit nor did I order the turntable. In the invoice, it shows I ordered the LED light (I did not since it was included in the mobile super kit). It shows I ordered 500 markers, 200 markers, (2) phone holders - I only ordered one and only had one in my package. The accessories i ordered came out to HK $853. The accessories in the invoice came out to HK $832. Over the weekend, I forwarded the email showing I ordered the mobile super bundle to and showing how the things i order equal HK $853. Hopefully after they read the email in the next few days, they will see a mistake was made and will be able to send me the turntable and mobile super bundle kit.

Hi, @dmaul3300, sorry so much, the invoice was wrongly sent, please ignore it.

I was surprised (and pleased) to find the Mobile Bundle on my stoop today. I had not seen a notification, so I was concerned about opening the package (the American middleman in Compton, CA - whose address was on the label - has some unflattering reviews), but I took a gamble. The battery is now fully-charged and I’m ready to experiment.

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Soooo, when will I receive my mobile kit??? It is now 3 months since “We will ship them for you as soon as possible” I cant say that it is anytime soon!!!

Hi @perolalars

We sent out the parcel of your mobile kit, and also sent an email with the tracking information, pls kindly check your mailbox, thank you.

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Hi @Revopoint-Cassie and thanks for reply, but I have not received any parcel nor any tracking info what so ever. And its not in my email trash.
When was it sent?
Per Petersson

While I have received the gear, I have not noticed an email with tracking info.