Which Revopoint MIRACO feature has you most excited?

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Dunno but here’s my ghetto Miraco.


Hi @penneyduck

This is very interesting! Use your “MIRACO” to create something. :laughing:

Here you go.
Front of Ghetto.
Used to scan unobtainable very old gearbox main shaft.
This is the only type of thing I use my scanners for.
I now have very accurate digital and hard copy.


The 8k color capture from a 48MP sensor had me most exited as it should be an improvement in texture quality from the 1MP sensors used in previous scanners. And obviously the all in one package. Hopefully gonna have a look at the Miraco hands-on next week at the “form next” in Frankfurt.

And here is ghetto Miraco Mini using the stabiliser.
Now if someone was to send me a real MIRACO who knows what I could do.

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Front view.

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Where do I start, well for me, not needing 3 scanners and a load of leads will be really useful, it not only reduces set up time, but there’s less bits attached to get damaged.

Size and low weight are also a bonus, the more tactile it is the more pleasant the experience will be, I don’t want my scanning to feel like a chore.

I think my POP3 is my only scanner with an IMU so I’m hoping this will also improve my larger and smaller scans.

It will also save me buying a new phone or tablet as I was just about to hit the button to give my scanners a dedicated screen rather than using my personal phone.

I’m sure the other features will make a difference too, and I’m excited to see where this takes my capabilities.

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