Which is best for highest detail Miraco or Mini?

I own a range and am finding it lacking in detail for small items. I am wondering if a Miraco would be a better investment over a Mini since it just came out and has other advantages. I’m looking for the highest level of details for smaller items, how does Miraco compare to the Mini? also is the mini going to be supported for as long as the Miraco?


Depending level of detail and how small they are, mini has an edge over Miraco because of different light source (blue laser on Mini vs near infrared on Miraco)

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I’m only an hour or so in, but in near mode the Miraco is closer to the Mini than it has any right to be. The Mini still has the edge in detail and the Miraco is a bit noisier, so the laws of physics are only being bent, not broken. There’s no comparison to the POP2/3.

Miraco on the left in both screenshots.

This was a quick test, but I will say that the Miraco seems to require a little less effort to more completely capture difficult parts of the model than the Mini (the lance, for instance).

There actually huge difference between scanning very fine objects with MIRACO vs MINI , MIRACO is closer to 0.04mm , MINI 0.02mm and since MINI uses Blue laser light in place of infrared , the scanned surface is much smoother …

However there other things that makes them so much different regarding of scanning materials , color materials etc.
And scanned volume .

MIRACO can’t replace MINI , but it is better than POPs serie

So the question should be
Is MIRACO better than POP3 ? yes it is in Near Mode

Comparison between 2 different types of scanners is like comparing apple to oranges.

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