Single-shot mode vs regular mode

The bigger the FOV how lower the accuracy and details , not distortions, since Range have big FOV but lower accuracy without any distortions .

How better the accuracy how more stable things have to be , MINI reached the maximum as portable device when it get about accuracy at 10cm distance and no one at that price range scanner is yet better .

Having higher accuracy than 0.02mm will require the scanner and the scanned surface to be extra stable to avoid any noises . So a simple turntable will not be good here … we talk here about hair wide precision , imagine running with a microscope trying to capture a hair … rather not successful task .

MINI was build to scan small objects like jewelry, dentals and very fine small objects so capturing bigger object is a task here that can’t be improved by just changing FOV as that is technically not possible .

Single shot still need overlapping of 20% and lots of work with it , not faster solution , it is easier on the tracking but require to change the objects in many positions like photogrammetry do … this can affect the color results if done in not so ideal light conditions .

For over scanning issues you have Advanced mode that do take care of it and remove all the build up , remember that advanced mode do not reduce the accuracy , or affect the details … it just get rid of all the overlapped frames what in normal case is over 60%

At this moment can’t say anything else regarding this but as Jane mentioned, who knows what the future bring … if single shot becomes popular after the launch of MIRACO , it may become future standard feature with new scanners .

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