Mini scanner vs revo Miraco

I dont have a mini. I have a “comparable” product from the competition. I’ve read that mini is more capable (blue light) for really small itens…but i dont really scan really small itens that often…So does it really worth having a separate scanner for the “mini” stuff? At what what object size is the mini taking advantage? And how noticeable is that advantage? I mean 0.02 , 0.05 …these are microns…And since i use scanners for 3d printing…layer height makes these irrelevant…unless im missing something…

Mini is great at very small objects as you say. In terms of size; Miraco is supposed to be used on objects down to 3cm (it can do better, but not officially). Mini can go much smaller than that and still resolve detail.
For me, much as I love Mini it’s actually my least used scanner because although it has amazing detail and precision, it does have limitations when scanning anything with different colours on it. It’s also hard to use Mini for objects in the 5cm to 20cm range that I’m usually scanning in.

I guess ill have a Range and a “mini” for sale…

Hi @pmpereir a lot of people that print using resin printer use MINI to get best accuracy on miniatures . Miraco can get very close to MINI accuracy , but because MINI uses Blue light it produces smoother surfaces on fine scans .
For regular printing you more than good with Miraco . It can pick up fine details like a hair on a surface since it’s accuracy is 50 microns ( 0.05mm ) so if you print with 0.1mm layer height it is more than enough for your needs .

Miraco is better than Range as well , not only accuracy but also the way it captures large objects , smooth and without much issues with tracking thanks to it’s new sensors and powerful Android system on the go that allows you also better scanning performance outdoors .
I must say I did not touched Range since I got Beta Miraco , definitely a winner for me .

But considering a finest accuracy , nothing can bite MINI yet in it’s price range on the market and definitely no one of their competitors. Other claiming accuracy of 10 Microns ( 0.01mm) but still can’t scan a simple coin … but it should scan a White blood cell with that capacity :laughing:
You see everything below 0.04mm can’t be seen with a naked eye …