When is the Revo_Scan update for PC coming?

Mac has been out since the end of November.

Probably this week from what I heard , if nothing pop up again … like last week new bug … it was crucial fix that delayed the release .


Hi @MrVette ,

As @PopUpTheVolume said, we will release the new version this week.

Best Regards

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Only 2 days of this week to go.
Guess it will be like the IOS update that was supposed to be released a couple of weeks ago.
Was that a flying pig that just shot by?

@penneyduck , Cassie can’t do nothing about it, I don’t think the comments are necessary my friend , she pushing the team every day and so do I .

Please behave or I put you in a quarantine until the release of the software :joy:

Blimey, I will be off the air for weeks.

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:joy: that would be not good …

Hi @MrVette @penneyduck ,

I’m so sorry.

Actually, I received the installation pkg, but the dev team stopped it since they think it needs to be better to release.

If it is urgent, I can send it to you to use first. Otherwise, I hope you can wait for more days to get a better version.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Best Regards

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I would like to even receive the current status of the software … so I can start using my handheld stabilizer …

Revo should not be selling something where the features dont work as adverised.
They are still selling it via their China outlet.
Its been removed from Amazon.
Is this due to Amazons no nonsense returns policy?
I wonder…

Hi @wachovius ,

I sent it to you just now, please check your PM. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It’s a shame it got postponed again. I have the DUALAXIS and the HANDHELD and would like to use both. So wait again !!

I bet Win and IOS update won’t be released until next year.
Mark my words.

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I’d like to have that version, too, even if it is unfinished, I don’t mind :sweat_smile: can you PM it to me, too, Cassie? PLEASE? :grimacing:

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Yes me too.
Nice Cassie.


I asked to release the software as a BETA version until the official one is ready for release.
But sadly not allowed to do so .

You need to wait for the official version :disappointed:


Hello Popup :slight_smile:,
is there an future Release date for the Update?
Next Week i want to start an presentation for the Mini in my Company.

Hi @eXplOiD
It should be released last week , but something was not right so it was pulled back … so hopefully in the next days , when it get approved. I will let you know ASAP when I get more info about the date.

Ok Thank you very much @PopUpTheVolume, did you have an look of the Future release?
Are there Improvements in Tracking?

New gain feature and scanning range feature, new fuse algorithms etc… lots of improvements.
The new gain is helping a lot with tracking as it can change automatically regarding of the color surface .