What will you preserve in your Virtual Museum?

:classical_building:Tomorrow is International Museum Day!:classical_building:

3D scanning technology provides a safe and novel way of preserving, researching, and displaying cultural artifacts.:statue_of_liberty:

If you were to create your own “Virtual Museum,” Which figurines, action figures, beloved artworks, characters, unique heirlooms, or meaningful memorabilia do you want to scan or preserve?

:point_right:Please share your thoughts in the comment sections, or share the artwork directly!

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eu faria um museu bem eclético uma arte para mim escanceando minha mãe e meu pai ,meus filhos e esposa e eu também pata a posteridade, saber como era seus bisavos e tataravós não só em fotos.
na parte profissional faria o que mais gosto anatomia veterinária um museu de todos as artes que já criei e criarei com o scanner e as partes anatômica dos animais ara estudo

I would scan and preserve all my 1980s toys and collectables

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I’d certainly want to scan my family’s faces, although it might need some persuasion. A photo for them is fine but that extra dimension from my 3D scanner is like vodoo for them :laughing:
Besides that I’d love to scan my vintage camera collection sometime, though I barely have time for that nowadays (also low on scanning spray :wink:)