What is Miraco latest firmware version?

App Version: V1.0.1.153
System Version: v2.3.129

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Any idea my system show no updates available?

No idea, someone had this issue had to call their Internet provider to change something to be able to access the server , but you downloaded updates before , so not idea .

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New MIRACO OTA update was just released today , check the availability on your device .

I’ve just received a new 16GB version, done set up etc, and went to check the firmware. It’s telling me there’s an update which it has got off the network, however, when I attempt to download and install the update, bizarrely I get a message asking me to connect to the network, which is already connected. Performed a reset, but still no good. Please help.

If you can’t connect to the server to download the firmware update it means your Internet Provider’s Internet settings blocking access to the Chinese server .
It have something to do with the Internet ID that they need to change , I need to find the thread in the firum from other user that fixed this issue by calling their Internet Provider , after they changed the settings he was able to connect to the server and update the firmware .

Connect also MIRACO via USB to your computer in transfer mode and see if you can update the firmware via the latest Revo Scan 5 , if the same issue happens this means you have no access to Chinese server and only your Internet Provider can fix it by changing their settings , it have something to do with the public ID settings if I good remember.

I eventually sorted it thanks, although not ideal, using my phone as a mobile access point. I couldn’t do many of these a month on my data allowance. At least I know I have a solution, although it would be better if the site was not classed as risky by some ISPs. Many other Chinese firms manage it, e.g. Flashforge.

Thanks for tip on having a go with Revo Scan 5, I shall bear that in mind next time.

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This have to do with the settings of a public ID of your Internet Provider and the only issue , they don’t really blocking it by purpose , they are unaware it is blocking the access and that is unlawful to do so.
Once I find exact the info I will let you know .

Glad you found a temporary solution to download the upgrade , it is not ideal but glad to hear it worked .