Miraco wifi password field too sort

Plugged in a brand new Miraco to charge and up popped a setup screen. Sadly, it won’t connect to my WiFi. The password field is far too short. Needs to be at least 48 characters.

This is evidently a known problem. Unfortunately, the relevant post is no longer available. Is there a workaround?

Hello @DropBear

The next MIRACO software update will address this issue.

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Thanks for replying @Revopoint-Jane

In the absence of WiFi connectivity, how can I get the update? Will USB suffice?

Hi @DropBear

The update will be delivered via OTA. Once the update is ready, your MIRACO will have the software available for download in its settings.

Once you connect to RS5 on computer via USB you will have automatic option to update your OTA .
Or change temporary your password on your router to access OTA via MIRACO settings via WiFi .

At this moment there are no update available. So this will take some time.