What is included in the loyalty uograde

Having backed the Miraco and selected some extras, I’m wondering if I’ll be doubling up on anything with the 32gb loyalty upgrade.

Is it the whole purchase package that’s upgraded or just the scanner?

The extras I opted for below

Hi Gary , I believe only the scanner , but to be 100% sure, I will tag in @Revopoint-Jane to check out for you with the KS sales team .

You could always post your comment on KS to get direct and faster reply from the team .
In our Forum we usually don’t handle sales and order related stuff as that is a different team that handles that .

Hi Gary,

Thank you for supporting MIRACO!

The free upgrade is from the 16GB package to the 32 package, additional purchased accessories are not included in the upgrade.

Hi Jane,

I think the clarification that everyone is looking for is that the upgrade is indeed from Miraco (16GB) to Miraco Pro (32GB), the main point being the Miraco Pro packages list the far calibration boards as included and the Miraco packages do not.

Hi @TheBoatScans

The whole package will be upgraded. Includes Far Mode Carlibration Boards and black sheet.


Thank you Jane for that answer :blush:

Next question… Who wants to buy what will now be my spare far calibration board when it arrives​:rofl::rofl::rofl:

There is still time to change your order Gary, contact KS team for adjusting …

And BTW there are 4 big boards and 1 small , at least that what we got with our Beta Packages .

Hi Jane,
So we simply need to quote our Backer number from the Range Kickstarter launch ?
Will we receive some sort of notification email that we will receive the 32GB instead of the 16GB ?
Thank you,

Hi @Scan2Model

Are you a previous backed RANGE? If yes, we sent an email to the old backer before. All you need to do is fill out the form in the email and then purchase MIRACO to enjoy the free upgrade from 16GB to 32GB.
Did you receive this email? If not, it probably went into the spam folder and we can send it to you now.

Leaving backer number means you can leave your backer number in this post Share Your MIRACO Backer Number to Win Prizes! if you purchased MIRACO and then you can participate in the lucky draw.

Will there be any confirmation before shipping to those who will be getting the Pro upgrade? A private email or message here on the forum, or a list? If an email has been sent, I have not found it in my Inbox.

I, for one, would like to make sure there are no unnecessary delays in receiving the correct model.


Jeff did you get the form to fill out in your email?

Probably 2 days ago, I’ve just filled mine in and got confirmation.

Where did found the site where u can select those Extras?

They were on the Kickstarter campaign

Hi @JeffLindstrom

I’m very sorry that I missed your message.

Yes, you don’t need to worry about that. We will send a confirmation email before we ship the product, so please keep an eye on your inbox.

If you haven’t received the email, you can contact our customer service team at customer@revopoint3d.com, and they will assist you.

Can someone please clarify details about the loyalty upgrade, I saw something popup about it when I pledged. Is the upgrade available to anyone who has supported revopoint in previous campaigns (I have done on several) How to make it happen. IS there a link? Thanks so much. J,

I backed several campaigns but not the range.

Yes, I received the confirmation email on the 26th. I clicked the link, answered the questions and got the confirmation.

Hi @dragnet

If you backed our previous Kickstarter project and backed the MIRACO 16GB, please fill out this form for a free upgrade to a MIRACO Pro Package.

If you backed any previous Revopoint project and accidentally backed the MIRACO 32G this time and cannot change it back to the 16GB version, please complete this form by November 30th:

Our Customer Service Team will contact you to provide a solution after November 30.

So, Just to be really clear.
I just completed another form on PLEDGE MANAGER,

The Reward is a 16GB Miraco 3D Scanner.(see below)
With my Loyalty Upgrade, I will receive the Miraco Pro (32GB), Including the Far Mode Calibration Boards and black sheet.
Is this correct ?, It is not very clear.

Hi @Scan2Model

Yes, if backers filled out the free upgrade survey before November 30th, and we confirm that the information is correct, we will ship the MIRACO Pro (including the Far Mode Calibration Board and black sheet) to the backers.

If we find any issues with the information provided in the survey, we will contact the backers again before shipping to confirm.

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