Selling the new Miraco Pro 32 go. Sending from France


Since I’m changing my life plans and i’m leaving France to go for a long trip to Peru, I’m selling the new Miraco Pro 32 gb scanner I bought during the kickstarted campaign.

It is brand new, literally just opened and tested. It works very well and would be more useful to somebody than taking dust in a closet.

As a proof of honesty I will be selling it the price I paid on Kickstarter. Since I never sold such a tool, we need to evaluate tax fees if you buy from another country (not sure how it works with customs - I already paid 40 € shipping fees +230 € customs to receive it in france)

Absolutely every single item of the box is there, including the bonus transport pouch.

Final price is 1050 $ + shipping.

Feel free to ask anything if you’re interested.

Can the price be lowered? Because I live in Taiwan, if tax is included, it will be very expensive. How can I trade it?

Hello, the item has been sold.