What do you think of your POP (Poll)

  • Pop? I have not received it yet :frowning:
  • I received it but I didn’t have time to play with it
  • Give good results
  • the scans are very precise
  • It’s enough for what I wanna do with it
  • I never manage to finish the entire scan
  • I spend more time starting over than scanning
  • It really depends on the object I’m scanning
  • Too expensive considering the results
  • I enjoy scanning around me everything

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I should have mine within the next week or two.

I had some time to play with POP and my thoughts are that it is good scanner for its price although the results depend on the user’s experience and the strategy of scanning. There is a problem with matching algorithm, the software doesn’t seem to remember the exact position of markers therefore there are some issues with connecting the scans to each other. I managed to get decent scans sometimes, and sometimes I struggled not to lose track. The other issue is that tracking algorithm doesn’t always want to pick the previous scanned position and stays red. Third aspect is that if you want to measure precise dimensions of parts - you can forget it. There is 1% of error which for bigger parts is quite a lot.

To sum it up, I consider POP a good piece of hardware but the revopoint team must focus on the software in order to make the scanning experience better.


Don’t hesitate to explain us your vote (why you don’t like, why too expensive…) Thanks

90% of the things I have tried to scan, will not scan at all basically, which is quite annoying. Still working out what can and cant be scanned, but all the things I brought this for to scan, it just doesn’t work for. Going to investigate the talcum in isopropyl as a spray, but some items just are not suited to be sprayed either, so that is also somewhat frustrating.
The only thing I have been successful with scanning 100% is the bust that it shipped with. Nothing else has completed successfully 100% with me being able to use the output.
Even trying to scan a Mug I have, on the turntable, it came out with 4 handles instead of 1. Cant seen to keep track of where its scanning, even with the markers on the turntable.

You are talking about scanning a Mug for example, it is an extremely symmetrical object which requires markers because the scanner is easily lost on the smooth surface. (It doesn’t matter if there are drawings on it or not, the scanner does not take them into account for the scan, just for the texture)

Anyway, it is clear that a light scanner will struggle with shiny, transparent objects, for that you have to buy opacifying spray or if it is not fragile objects, use as you say tacl or any product can be washed easily.

What objects do you plan to scan in the end? and who are you worried about?

Remember that if you put markers on objects, you have to put them as less symmetrically as possible
Do not forget either that you can scan the objects in several times adding details each time