Waves, burrs and excess points in reverse areas

Hello. my name is Fatih. I am among you from Turkey.
I Have Range Pop3 And Mini Devices.
As I mentioned in the pictures, there are ripples, burrs, etc.
There are problems such as placing unnecessary points in the remaining areas.
Revoscan features are not enough to clean the excess thickness in some regions. While trying to select the region, it also selects the regions behind or in front of the region. In order to do this easily, the software must have a sectioning feature.
I am experiencing problems as shown in the pictures. How can I solve these problems?

Hi @fatih

Under the selection tools you have an option that will select only visible normal or both sides , choice only the visible normal to select the parts you want to remove .

You can also download free Cloudy Compare that will give you more tools for editing the point cloud .

In case of the bad captures areas where you missed the partials you can cut it out and close the holes , but preferably you should scan the areas correctly not leaving too many holes , if the edges or the holes are wavy or have too much isolated points clean cut out the hole precisely and use ’ closing hole " option


In addition to what @PUTV mentioned, you can also deselect after selecting.

When cleaning those kinds of areas, first I generally switch or Orthogonal view. This will keep all planes perfectly aligned and allows you to perfectly see the poorly captured areas when viewed from a perpendicular angle.

Then I use the polygon lasso tool, as it allows for a good straight line selection. I allow it to select through other parts of my cloud initially, because from there I rotate my view, and use CTRL+SHIFT with the lasso tool to deselct the points I do not wish to edit. Then I delete the defect.

This Select then Deselect workflow had been a huge help for me, and has allowed me to very quickly clean up my scans.

Though the best method is usually prevention, and make sure you capture those points while scanning. But some geometry just doesn’t allow for that.

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