Want to accomplish one simple scan. No "getting started" tutorial?

Like most folks I just wanted to complete one 3D scan when I got my Pop2 hardware. After an hour I give up. I have tried scanning my face and a pair of scissor handles. In Revoscan I always get “fuse failure.” I installed Studio but of course it needs a key that nobody seems to have. I have fiddled with lighting, various scanning parameters, stand vs handle, slow movement etc. NOTHING WORKS.

Also its unclear to me what I can do with the output files. They all have export greyed out (which is probably because of the fusion issues.

Is there some Youtube (preferably by a native English speaker) that demonstrates scanning a single object from start to finish?

Try installing the Handy Scan software for the Pop1. I just got my Pop2 and the new software isn’t working for me but the old does. Disappointing…

What OS are you on?

On my PC I used this version of revo scan and fusing worked fine, actually it worked great.

I was able to scan my face using the Revo Scan app on my iPhone. I couldn’t get it to work on an android device and the app crashed on my MacBook pro when starting a scan.

I’m sure someone will post a video now that everyone is starting to get their Pop 2’s. Heck I was even thinking about making a quick video if I get time tonight or tomorrow once I use it a bit more.

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Mostly using Windows 11 to start. May eventually try the Android but it feels like its a little less “finished.”

They have removed Handy Scan from the normal download section because they are trying to force us to beta test er I mean use the “latest” dripping wet stuff. Being an old guy I remember BC (before China) when they would actually finish and test the software before releasing the product.

There is a Quick Start Guide along with a User Manual (in several languages) and Advanced Scanning Tips to be downloaded here: https://www.revopoint3d.com/download/pop-2/

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@johnelle do you want to see the worse video I made ? all scan done in Revo Scan at once ?

the progress is simple , put your object on the turntable , set the gain to 1 and push the button … move the scanner up and down each time you captured 1 rotation , it is not a rocket science.

There is one bug I found in Revo Scan that do not allow you to export the mesh with textures at this moment in *.ply format ( export as *.obj only if you generated textures ) as the UVs are missing when using Higher accuracy settings , I usually do not generate textures in Revo Scan as I prefer RGB color per vertex . I hope things gonna be fixed soon.

If you would like to see some topic, let me know .