Vertical scanning system project

Hello everyone, I am developing an idea that I don’t know if it already exists, but that I find interesting to facilitate the scanning of people with the revopoint platform. I leave you the initial sketch in case anyone can contribute ideas and in case there is someone who is an Arduino expert to write the program that allows the Miraco to be raised and lowered in time with the platform. Thank you all.

Yes it was already created with POP2 by our community members and bring to life , like for example by @Miamijerry and others .

Scanning of a human body require not only moving in sequences from top to bottom vertically but also horizontal a the distance between head and shoulders arms need to be adjusted as well … so this is not exactly the perfect solution here .

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Thank you for your response. It’s true, almost everything has already been invented! :grinning:
I agree with you that whole-body scanning requires something more than what I have tried to solve. There is nothing like experience to give good advice, thank you :+1:. I have seen the work of @Miamijerry and it is very good! Anyway, we are talking about the POP 2, so I hope that with the Miraco and its capabilities, better results will be obtained. It seems so after seeing the beta testers’ trials.
Since it won’t be very expensive to try, I’ll try it just for fun. Kind regards

Of course Jorge, I would love to see it , as long you have fun and don’t waste too much money on the prototype why not !

You see I will give you another tip , when you scanning you need to set it at a 45 degrees angle and scan down each 360 degrees section until you reach the bottom, then you need to change the scanner degree and start scanning from bottom to the top again , so you get the whole 3D and not just the one angle .

Looking forward to your progress !

I do hope to continue to work on whole body scanning again at some point. My idea is to have the person stationary and have the scanner rotate around the person, with the ablity of the scanner to move in and out. In for the head and out for the shoulder width. The programming is easy, it is just a few lines of gcode…

That would be great to see @Miamijerry

I take very good note of your clarification about the inclination, I think it will be easy to implement it. Thanks again friend.

Fantastic idea, thank you. This invites us to develop a vertical axis with Openbuils profiles and plate, moved by belts and controlled like a CNC. Even the plate you attach to the scanner can be automatically tilted to follow the directions of @PUTV And all at a cost no higher than 100 US$

Following! 3D body Scan & Print is my main goal.

That what I usually do , but I slide it manually down every 360 rotation in 4 sections , keeping the proper distance between the shoulders and the front and back of the body . I actually use monopod what is helpful for stabilization … but after 2 min my back and knee cracking :joy:


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