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As many of you have received your MIRACO 3D scanner, we thought it would be a great time to answer your scanning-related questions.So, if you’ve got anything you want to know how to do with MIRACO, then let us know in this post.

And we’ll answer your questions in our two interactive Q&A livestreams:

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Hi! I’ll go first :slight_smile:

Can you give us a brief (or detailed, even better!) rundown of a process to determine the correct numbers to use when working with point clouds and meshes in revoscan.

For example, I understand what point distance is controlling. But I’m having trouble setting a ‘good value’ for it. I try to get detail but I end up with noise. I try to smooth things but I lose so much detail. Some sort of guidance would be great. There may even be good documentation or videos somewhere already but I can’t find anything in the official manual so thought to ask here.

Same info for mesh quality, isolation rate etc. would be great to discuss.

Thanks in advance! The scanner looks like it has great potential. I’m hoping I’m just inexperienced with the tools and will learn more and get better results. At first everything seemed like garbage with the 1-touch edit, but through playing around (blindly) in revoscan I eventually get better results. Nothing ‘perfect’ yet though.

Hi @JB3D

You can start by reading some of the tutorials about MIRACO in this guide, and we’ll sync your suggestions to our live stream, thank you very much!