Using Miraco to make perfectly fitting S2000 roll-hoop speakers

My Honda S2000 has a serious flaw in the audio department, in that when the roof is down I have to have the stereo up extremely lound to hear the front speakers.

The later models has some small speakers either side of the roll hoop but they sounded rubbish. I wanted a way to mount some nice Focal 5.25" drivers behind the driver and passenger. This being a classic car, it has to fit without any drilling or cutting of the factory panels.

Miraco to the rescue. I took a scan of one of the roll hoops. I needed spray as it’s matte, black plastic and hard to scan:

Looks good. Out of Revoscan and in to Instant Meshes to generate a quad-mesh:


Over to Fusion to do a quad-mesh to surface conversion

Perfect, we now have a solid we can work with.
A bit (a lot) of CAD-Fu later and we have a 2 piece speaker housing that clamps either side of the roll hoop.

A quick test print in PLA to make sure the design fits:

Back to Bambu Studio to print in carbon-fibre nylon. Should be hardwearing and won’t melt.

And fitted to the car:

A couple of vanity covers to hide the bolt holes. Had to add some humour of course.

Sounds great and looks OK too.

This was a complicated design challenge and wouldn’t have been possible without a 3d scanner. Miraco made it doubly easy due to not having to be tethered to a laptop.


Amazing work Andy ! Love it !

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Thanks Cath. It was a fun little project.


Eyyy, thats pretty good!
Love the fact that it is a perfectly reversible modification!