【Announcement】Come and Share Your MIRACO Scans!

Dear all,

Congratulations to @bau-3d.ch ! :clap::clap:

You’ve won a Dual-axis Turntable! Please DM us and claim your prize!

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Attention all MIRACO owners!

Share your MIRACO scan creations now for a chance to win a super useful Dual-axis Turntable.

How to enter:

:one: React to this post with: :+1:

:two: Share your MIRACO scans by either:

   a. Posting them in this post's comments section.


   b. Create a new post in the Showcases category of MIRACO, and include the label【MIRACO Scan Contest】in the title.

:stopwatch: Ends Jan 10, 2024 (9:00 PM EST)

:gift: Dual-axis Turntable*3

How will the winners be selected?

The winners will be randomly selected by Revopoint and announced on Jan. 12, 2024.

Note: Revopoint reserves the right to modify, suspend, and/or terminate this contest. All participants shall be deemed as having agreed to the T&Cs:Terms and Conditions of Revopoint Contest


First try with the brand new Miraco:

This is a toy sky, since like 20 cm diameter.


I scanned 2 figures I have although i don’t know how to upload textures on sketchfab. Sorry about it.

P.D. As new user I can just upload only 1 of them… sorry about it again

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Not perfect for the first, its a black cat of a brown chair

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Here’s a scan of a Mexican ceramic mask. I used the one shot method. 115 frames only.


Optimised Miraco Model of a Sea Shell :slight_smile:


Scan my car for look if bigger engine fit.
Second picture is wireless earphone i integrate in mouled ear plug

Mhmmmm yummy pumpkin! Simplified, vertexcoloured.


First time using my Miraco. I scanned a calculator by using the snapshot mode. I wanted to see the quality in colour in 1 frame. I’m very impressed and I will finish the project. This was just a test

Me I scanned a plush :grin:

Hi @vtrixval

That’s cool. Are all the models you uploaded to Sketchfab above scanned with MIRACO?

Hi @Revopoint-Jane, yes all the optimised models on my Sketchfab page so far are from the MIRACO :slight_smile:

Continuous (left) vs Single Shot (right)


Great comparison shot of continuous and single shot modes!

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