User Interface is not scaling correctly

I am attempting to use the latest beta software (Revo_Scan_for_win_4.1.0.20220904c(Beta)) in Windows 10 with a monitor resolution of 1920 x 1080 and a large portion of the UI is off screen. Windows seems to default to 150% scaling, which is where I believe this problem is originating.

Please include an ability to scale the UI. As-is I cannot use the scanning software in Landscape mode on my laptop without changing global scaling to 100%, which makes the scaling for every other application a little too small.

You should try their latest release which is several versions newer than what you are using: Revo_Scan_for_win_v4.1.0.20220909c

It is working fine on my 4k monitor set to 200% scaling. The High DPI first started working on Revo_Scan_for_win_v4.1.0.20220905c.


Same here , last version on Win 10 with Wacom cintiq monitor at 1920 x 1080 and no issues with scaling either .

It still doesn’t work at 150% scaling for me. Not sure what the issue is, but going to 125% is fine as a quick fix. I with there were more accessible settings in the GUI, as-is it seems pretty basic compared to what I thought the Revopoint interface looked like.