Scanning issue - preview is ok, but blur /low detail on scan

I have issue when scanning as described in topic title: view is ok, but blur /low detail on scan.

Scanning window DOESN’T show true scanning resolution! You have to fuse the points and mesh them. Only then you will see that the scan result is more detailed than in scan view.

Just for sure i made a mesh

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That looks more like “preview” (blue), right? What setting did you mesh it with? You can also mesh it in revo studio instead of revo scan as it gives the possibility to mesh with better quality (7 istad of 6)

Yes, preview is blue. I used best settings - for point cloud precision 0.02, for mesh - no smooth and max quality. Ok i will try… Thanks for suggestion.

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Keep the distance at 10cm from the object to the scanner for finest details , some materials are not scanned sharp like resin, wax , some kind of plastic what can be issue . But I see your miniature is much too far away to have max finest details .

Measure the distance between the center of the turntable and the scanner, 10 cm will be a good starter .

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