Update Your MIRACO : New System Update Now Available for Download!

To update, connect MIRACO to Wi-Fi and go to Settings. The Software Update option will have a red dot notification next to it. Tap on it to download the update, and then wait for the installation process to complete.

App Version: V1.0.2.176 System Version: v2.3.141

Update Notes:

  1. Fixes some bugs.
  2. Optimizes the interface and improves the user experience.
  3. Adds a zoom function to the selection tools.

zoom function

  1. Adds Italian, Russian, Korean, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, and French language support.

  1. Changes some interface and UI copy.
  2. Adds tutorial videos for some languages.

  1. Optimizes the fusion algorithm.

One-tap Edit now offers two fusion modes: Fast and Detailed.


Hi. Unable to connect the Miraco in wifi mode? Only the USB cable connection works. Unable to install system update (2.3.141). Best regard’s

Hi @jobanana you need to connect MIRACO to your own home WiFi Internet , I am downloading the update at this moment via my WiFi home network without issue I am in USA NYC .

Your home WiFi network need to be 5GHz , not working with 2.4GHz

The wifi symbol seems activated in the upper right corner of the Miraco. How do I know if it is connected to 5Ghz? Would it be better to reset the Miraco?

Go to WiFi settings on Miraco , you will have there the all Networks including your own . Just connect to your Home WiFi network .

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Don’t reset MIRACO , it is not good to reset it as you will have to setup everything again and calibrate it again .

Handle it as a phone or tablet , you don’t resetting them either each time , or you will lose all personal settings as well .

Swipe down the screen to access the Miraco settings , after that scroll to WiFi and check if it connected to your Home WiFi

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I’m not sure if i’m on 2.4GHz or 5, but i have a Miraco, and its taking forever to downloand the update. the highest percentage I got to was 88% then it said the wifi timed out…

I’m going to try on wifi at home. It would be nice to have the option to update via usb.

It took me couple of seconds to download the new firmware , if it take longer than 30 seconds and the % don’t moving just cancel it by shut down the WiFi and try again , there was probably lots of people on the server downloading it at the same time .
The files are big , so if you are on 2.4GHz it will take little longer to download but the % should move smoother.

If your computer has an Ethernet connection, connect MIRACO via USB to Revo Scan 5 in transfer mode , you should have a prompt to update the system via USB ( after computer download it )

Hi @WLewellyn1

Can you update the system successfully after connecting to your home WI-FI network?

I wound up connecting the scanner to my hotspot on my phone and downloading the update. It took about 10 minutes with this method. I did a reboot and turned off WiFi and turned back on to no avail

Hi @WLewellyn1

I just talked to our R&D team.

In your case, you can get the update information normally, but the download error is “Please connect to the network”. They said that you should first check whether the system date and time of the MIRACO device is consistent with or close to the current date and time.

If the system time of the device is much different from the current actual time, the download will prompt an error.

You can update the system time manually, or enable the network to synchronize the time automatically. After the time is synchronized, the problem is usually solved.

Of course, you can also connect to a hotspot to solve this problem, but it will cost you network traffic.

Our R&D team found out that we were not careful enough with the error message, which could mislead users, and we will fix this problem later.

Sorry for the inconvenience, next time you can check the time before updating, if it still can’t be solved, please contact us, we will check the problem for you again.

Thank you for your patience.