Unable to Merge

I don’t think anything need to be fixed here , if you have 15 scans and select only the last 3 that you want to merge then it is a very good feature the way it is .

A more deep instructional video tutorial would be more usable here for a new users like yourself .

Common sense as always is never common, but adding more visible side bar for scrolling would definitely benefit everyone , I use touch screen so it is sometimes challenging to move it if I have lots of scans .

A slightly different comment.

When in the Scan tab, the term “marker” is used to mean the little circular adhesive spots that can be used to mark the surface of an object being scanned.

When in the Merge tab, the term “marker” means something else, which was very confusing until I realized what was going on. I wish there was some way to use a different term in one of these situations.


Yes that is correct , you can use the reflective markers to replace the missing features while scanning , on the object itself or on the surface where the object is , you need to change the scanning mode from Feature to Markers mode

Under Merge tab you marking with a points on the surface so the software knows where the feature are .

In both situation the Marker points actually represent features of the scanner object , so the same function but used in different way .

Both functions are under different tabs
And changing therms where there is lots of tutorials and videos by other users about already would render them not usable anymore and confusing for others at this point .