Miraco project to an Android Tablet

Is this possible? I could not get it to work with a cable or over WIFI even tho thery were both on the same network.

Or is it possible any other way to get the projects to an android tablet?

MIRACO is an powerful Android tablet , so no you can’t …

Android mobile app is not made for importing projects , you need to import it to computer to process it on a proper software with best quality .

What would you even want process it on Mobile Android app if the quality is half the quality of MIRACO itself regarding meshing ?

I have no idea of the quality or usefullness of the android app because i cant import anything. To answer your snarky question tho as to why I would like to use it on a tablet… I think the answer is pretty easy to figure out. A bigger mobile screen to edit the scans. I would have presumed if the MIRACO is “an powerful Android tablet” using an android app, then the android version would be axactly the same…

Anyways, thanks for the no help snarky replies i see you give to everyone…
A simple “no it doesnt function with an android tablet like our other scanners are capable of” would have been helpful

Snarky replies ? I am just direct with my answer , nothing snarky about it , neither a reason for that. It was genuine question .

Just take the cable and connect to your TV and you can edit it on huge screen , better than android table .

The Android mobile app is not at the level as MIRACO so you will not get the same results .

You can also connect a portable monitor to MIRACO to have bigger screen.

But the best results will be by processing the projects on computer .

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