Feature Request - Desktop Import from Miraco/Mobile App Improvements

I’ve been using a Miraco a lot, and it has reignited a couple ideas I had when using the mobile application:

  1. Import into an existing project

    • Currently when you import from Miraco or the mobile application, it automatically creates a new project.
    • I would suggest giving a user dialog with two option: Import into currently active project or into a new project.
  2. Import Button on Homescreen

    • UI Goals typically involve as few clicks as possible for the end-user to perform a specific option.
    • Currently to Import you have to either open or start a new project, and then after Import is complete it takes you to the project you just imported.
      • This is because the Import function can only be accessed from the “File” menu drop-down dialog that is only available while in a project. As a result, an unnecessary step is required to perform an Import.
    • Having the “File” dropdown dialog available on the homescreen or having an “Import” button on the homescreen would be a simplification of the process that many end-users perform frequently.

Just a couple ideas - I’m open to any discussion or feedback anyone has!


Hi Ken,

Thank you very much for your advice. I’m sure they are true to your experience in using it and can improve the user experience. :+1:

I will feed these suggestions back to our R&D team and discuss how to improve them.

If you find more suggestions, please give us feedback, thank you! :smiley: