[Tutorials] How to use Handy Scan on your MAC?- Update

1. Set up Wi-Fi on your router or a hotspot on your phone;

We use an iPhone as an example:

(1) Change the Wi-Fi to “Not connected”;
(2) Open “Setting” → “General”;
(3) Click “About”;
(4) Change the Name to “POP”;
(5) Open Setting →“Personal Hotspot”;
(6) WLAN Password to be: 12345678;
(7) Open “Allow others to join”;

2. Download handy Scan software at App Store;;

**3. Connect your Mac to Personal Hotspot: POP;

4. Power the POP with your Mac or a power bank;

5. Open “Handy Scan” - “Device is connected” – Click “New” to start a new project;

6. Select Scan Mode and Texture

7. Adjust Exposure and Gain (Auto first, then Manual);

8. Start to scan

Have fun scanning!

So, you can use the Mac software only if you first set up a personal hotspot on your phone? This is not an adequate solution.

If I was willing and able to set up a personal hotspot on my phone, I would be using the mobile app.

Hi @mmatzka

Sorry, at this period, this the method. But we’re working on the USB Mode now, and will try our best to release it on July 30, 2021.

Btw, if you have a Windows PC (or if you can borrow one from your family or friends), then you can revise the default hotspot name and pass word as you like. It just needs several minutes to do that.

Thanks for your understanding.

Best Regards

August 4th still no update

Hi @WilliamB

We just posted the newest update version, please kindly check it: [Update on 20210805] The update Mac version of Handy Scan - V2.8.4.0803

Best Regards

Its been another month and still have yet to be able to use or experience anything that can be remotely called engineered brilliance or ultimate portability. Can I have a refund?