[Tutorial Video] 3. How to handle the Staggered Alignment?

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Actually, I noticed in the video at the end when you say that the alignment has been fixed, you can see that there are multiple wings overlapping…i.e. the alignment is not fixed it’s just closer. I have been having issues with this so I came to this video to see how to correct this, but it looks like there isn’t a method (yet).


Have you figured out a fix?

I haven’t. I would like to know too. I have just been pausing the scan, undo the misaligned parts, then start again on a part that I know will align, and then once I have that aligned I move to the new part that I want to scan. This seems pretty effective for getting the base mesh, but pretty much breaks the color part if you’re doing that. For me the colors always get messed up when I do this but I’m starting to think that color workflows don’t work very well with this machine.


@dtjernigan same here … I am doing my color now outside Revo Scan by exporting *.ply and projecting vertex colors to new pre made UVs … even if you make a perfect scan with perfect color per vertex the texturizing inside Revo Scan will destroy it if there was any second alignment hidden .Even meshing do not remove the extra data , projecting color per vertex to a new mesh with new UVs create better results .

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Hi @dtjernigan @PopUpTheVolume ,

Thank you for your feedback.

I will discuss with developer team and see if we can improve it.

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