Solving MINI Indicator stay blue and won't turn green and 10 presses don't work


you probably arrived here after trying to upgrade the firmware for the MINI.
Don’t worry there is still hope.

Follow these steps:

1- Make sure the MINI is getting enough power, I prefer using the dual cable where the USB A is for power and USB C is for data.
2- Disconnect the USB A and start Revo Scan.
3- Connect the USB C to PC/Laptop, Hold the back button while the MINI is off and connect the USB A to a powerbank or an adapter.
4- when the indicator becomes red release the button.
5- when it turns green hold the button again.
6- when it turns blue release the button.

And hopefully you will hear the sound of life when your PC detects a USB device.

Revo Scan will ask you if you would like to continue the upgrade so confirm.

wait until the upgrade finishes and enjoy.


Uhmm… do you mean the Start/Pause button on the rear of the Mini?

Please don’t tell me you got confused… :laughing:
there is only one back button on the device after all . New users don’t even know it is start/pause button because they ask me what it was for in first place . :joy:

I mean the Play button

He did not mention the back of the device. One could have easily (especially if English is a second or third language) have thought it was one of the buttons on Revo Scan’s user interface, especially if one already knew the button on the scanner by another name.

I’ve written aerospace technical manuals for decades, describing procedures that will be carried out by technicians that do not have engineering degrees. I recognize the ease with which one can misinterpret imprecise descriptions, even if it’s just one word.


I know …I was just joking
As your note was as a question what make him even post a reply showing your the button :rofl::rofl::rofl:

However he mentioned the back button .
And I get it , I speak 7 languages but only English language is the one that need to be explained after you saying something :joy:

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Thank you @Dalahmas ,you are lifesaver ,my scanner works even better now :+1::grin::+1:


While I also was unsure at first how “back button” might be missinterpreted, I then thought of a software button labelled “back” or “return” or “undo” or the like, and might be thought of as “‘back’ button”.
Though the amusement about the misunderstanding might be because of some slightly dirty fantasy connected to “back button” :wink:

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:joy: :rofl: :joy:

I just imagined Jeff’s face expression while he was reading that :laughing:

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Hhmmm… was that because you think I’m anal… retentive?

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No, because you always so serious …

That’s what made me freeze for a while and think many times before replying. :sweat_smile:

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