Triumph T120R Inner Gearbox /Transmission Cover

First, the raw scans:


Second, the merged object, aligned and merged in MeshLab but meshed in Revostudio, before i filtered it:


And finally, the real thing next to a 1/4 scale version, printed on my Elegoo Saturn:


For those interested:

Scanned on a HP z600 desktop, 2x2.66 Ghz 6-core CPUs, 48 GB RAM, Quadro K5000 GPU (literally, a spare machine with a spare GPU)

Aligned and meshed on a z440 1x 3.4 Ghz 6-core cpu, 96 gb RAM, RTX 2060 Observed memory usage only went up to about 4.9 GB during meshing.

Scanning spray was Gold Bond foot powder spray. it comes off less easy than the Aesub spray. You can see where i touched it, there’s still some left. Attempts to scan it without spray game random holes in the scan, especially on the milled edge of the part which is what i needed to preserve the most.

Did you filter in Revo Studio or MeshLab?

Filtered it in revostudio after meshing. iirc, meshing was set to 6, and filtering was six passes at strength 1. may have some it a couple times. The holes were filled and some areas levelled (one uneven edge) in Meshmixer.

Good job Jon ! Thanks for sharing !