Tractor mechanical part copy


I just want to share with you how it’s easy to scan a technical part like this,
I scanned it to copy this part in Fusion360, but it’s nearly impossible to measure the blades with a caliper, because this part that look simple, are bent in many way, he is not flat at all

To make both sides, i scanned both with the miraco, and to go faster, imported on computer and assembled both with Revoscan in automatic mode

Be able to scan this with a scanner in 10 minutes is ultra useful in my job, because the owner need to use it 1 day after, so like this i have a complete copy and can duplicate it in Fusion360 later.
I can print it like this, because it’s a closed mesh, but I need to modify it with some changes than the customer asked


Great scan!:clap: did you scan it on the marker mat?

No, just the simple black turntable.

I nearly never use marker mode, it’s useless in the most of the situations because the scanner has a really efficient tracking of objects

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well thats amazing tracking for such a symmetrical and rather featurless object. I never would have tried to use feature mode on this with my Miraco but maybe I am underestimatinh its (tracking) capabilities :thinking::slightly_smiling_face:

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Great scan!