Transferring Scan project from Android Tablet to PC

I have Revoscan working perfectly on both my Windows PC and My Android 12 tablet

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How do I transfer my scan projects from the Tablet to the PC using USB cable ?
Can i simply transfer the scan data folder from the tavlet to the PC via the cable ?


Hi! Yes, you can do so! That is the way I do it when scanning with my android phone

I get this warning …

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

Ivan shared private thread from the forum . You can’t access this portion of the forum .

Regarding your question , you can import via WiFi using your PC software , or you can connect your Android tablet via USB locate the projects folder and copy it to your PC , if you want to see the projects you download via USB you eill need to open them one by one in tue RS5 PC siftware and savd them , they will shie uo after in the list .

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Sorry, I didn’t realize it from a thread from a closed beta tester forum. :roll_eyes:

When you connect the phone to pc and set the data transfer mode, you will find the project files here


Copy the projects folders either to your RS5 folder or to a different folder. If in a different folder you can use the button open on the home screen of RS5.

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Wow… Is there a closed betatester forum? :male_detective:
Cool, you guys are an secret society :wink:


Thank you Ivan !


well actually not a secret. only few guys AND GIRLS checking on bugs etc before a releas so you have to bother less :wink:

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FIY you can import files manually like one could with the old Revopoint at least from android phones.

Just pop your phone on the PC, make sure you are set top transfer files mode and navigate to the folder:


Copy the projects folders either to your RS5 folder or to a different folder. If in a different folder you can use the button open on the home screen of RS5


And navigate to the project folder you just copied from your phone and open the .revo file on the respective project folder

Moreover if you open the project with the open button istead of copy to the rs5 project folder the projects will be on the folder you copyed to and not be transfered to the rs5 folder.

personally i like to separate the android captures from my pc captures

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Hi, I have a 3D RANGE, and unfortunately after months I still haven’t solved the problem with the wireless connection with my PC, I tried on different networks, but the result from the smartphone is always the screen that tells me an error message.

Via cable, in DATA I cannot access the folder you indicate. (I have a google PIXEL 8, therefore Android).

Have any of you had these problems? Do you know how to help me?

You can’t try different networks, you have to be on the same WiFi network as your PC , this means your smart phone need to be on the same 5G network and so your PC , make sure both use 5Ghz WiFi .

Make sure also that you updated RS on your PC and Android app to the latest version .

You can still export your project to your Google Drive , Dropbox and many other locations where you can access it direct from PC .

Maybe I explained myself badly… I have always tried to connect Android smartphones and PCs to the same Wi-Fi network, without result, not even by changing Wi-Fi networks in different places (work, office, school…) and the network is always 5 GHz at full signal.
Both on smartphone and PC I have updated apps.

I know that I can also export files with Google Drive or Dropbox, but I have very large scans (even over 1GB) and I would like to take advantage of the theoretically simpler and more immediate connectivity.

So what do you think could be the causes?
Do I have to manually set some parameters in Windows to facilitate the connection?

To tell you the truth , there is nothing special about you can do , as long you always have the latest RS version installed on both computer and mobile as that matters …

I don’t know why , but for me also sometimes it works , and sometimes it don’t , and my projects are also always big

… to be honest I dropped my Android devices because for that reason, and switched to my win11 tablet PC so I can save my projects directly to flash drive without the needs to sending it via WiFi …

As I understand well how frustrating it can be .

The way you set it up I don’t think it is something wrong on your side , mobile app and computer connection are very sensitive for that matter, so I suspect something need to be checked on the android application by the dev team .

I will check the latest versions together and forward your issue to the team .

I love how they addressed this issue on MIRACO where you can open direct Android library via USB and download everything in no time straight to your Revo Scan history list , having this capacity on all Android apps would be a game changer …and definitely a must have feature !